Echipamente pentru panificaţie, patiserie, cofetărie, ciocolaterie, gelaterie.

Types of equipment for bakery, pastry, confectionery, chocolate industry, ice cream shops.

Gamă largă de echipamente pentru brutării, patiserii, cofetării și gelaterii ușor de achiziționat.

Wide range of easy to buy equipment for bakery, pastry shops, confectioneries, ice cream shops.

Magazin online de accesorii și ustensile pentru brutării, patiserii și cofetării.

Online shop of accessories and tools for bakeries, pastry shops and confectioneries.

Site de informare pentru panificaţie, patiserie, cofetărie şi ciocolaterie.

Info site for bakery, pastry, confectionery and chocolate industry.

Soluții pentru închiderea ambalajului. Suntem unic producător în România.

Solutions for sealing the packaging. We are the sole manufacturer in Romania.

Reductoare şi Motoreductoare pentru orice domeniu de activitate.

Gear reducers and gearmotors for any field of activity.



We invite you to explore a world of professionalism and advanced technologies, in the service of the White Art.

Everything you want in terms of milling, bakery, pastry and confectionery is possible in the NOVA PAN universe.


We are at your service, whether you’re looking for professional or industrial equipment for your bakery, pastry shop or confectionery, or you need swift technical assistance, spare parts and consumables, or you want to endow your production space with the most performant devices, tools and accessories.


The story of NOVA PAN company begins in 2001. Over the years, we accumulated experience, we learned from mistakes, new colleagues joined us, we permanently invested and innovated. Nowadays, NOVA PAN comprises several divisions, specialized in selling equipment and spare parts, technical assistance, integration of industrial lines with various degrees of automatization, CLIPBAND production, selling tools and accessories, so that you can benefit of the best and prompt services.


We offer maintenance services and 24/7/365 service, in warranty and post-warranty. Our technicians are periodically trained in the manufacturers’ headquarters, being prepared to face any situation, being ready to intervene anytime is necessary.

Also, we provide you with design, transportation, assembly and placing in service of the equipment for milling, bakery, pastry or confectionery and training for the staff assigned to operate this equipment.


We collaborated with more than 1.000 companies in the area of milling, bakery, pastry or confectionery.

The completed projects enriched us with experience, improved our capability and won the trust of our partners.


We are experts in the area of professional and industrial equipment, specialists in technical assistance and spare parts, sole producers of consumables in Romania, suppliers of tools and accessories.

We are a team of professionals, passionate about what we do, but rather you can see us as a sophisticated gearing, that efficiently functions for you. It’s like pressing a button. We start moving right away, with maximum capacity.


Respecting Tradition, Bringing Innovation

We are at your service, whether you’re looking for professional or industrial equipment for your bakery, pastry shop or confectionery, or you looking for solutions to grow your productivity, or you want to diversify your product range by adding new items, or you need consultancy, swift technical assistance, or you are looking for packaging solutions.

Everything you want in terms of milling, bakery, pastry and confectionery is possible in the NOVA PAN universe.


We are at your service, whether you are looking for professional equipment for your bakery, pastry shop or confectionery, or you need spare parts or consumables for the machines in your workspace, or you want to ask advice from a specialist, regarding the proper functioning of your equipment.

Online shop. Wide range of easy to buy equipment and spare parts for bakery, pastry, confectionery, or ice cream parlours.

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Online Shop of Tools and Accessories

We are at your service, whether you want to endow your production space with the most performant devices and tools, or you want to widen the range of tools and accessories, or you want to be informed about the latest trends in the field.

By accessing “Cofetarul Isteț” online shop, you’ll discover a world of tools and accessories that will simplify your work, helping you to make attractive products and decorations for your clients.

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Info Site for Bakery, Pastry, Confectionery and Chocolate Industry.

Why “Arta Albă”?

Because bakery, pastry, confectionery and chocolate industry represent a form of art, beyond jobs and productive activities. The artistry of working with doughs, creams or chocolate and the aesthetical aspect of the final products are true forms of art.

The trends in creating and decorating the products, the outstanding aesthetics and daring combinations of tastes more and more often to the creation of an edible work of art, a small world not only to be admired but to be consumed as well!

Because the baker, the pastry chef, the chocolate maker, the cook work in bakeries, pastry shops or kitchens, usually wearing white clothes.


Sole Manufacturer of CLIPBAND in Romania and the 6th Producer in Europe.

Nowadays, the aesthetics of packaging is an essential factor in the purchase decision. Therefore, we believe that your products sealed with CLIPBAND will gain value and image.

This is the reason that determined us to bring on the market a new product, to have a complete offer for our clients — bakers, pastry chefs, confectioners. A product that we produce ourselves.

QUALITY is the law in NOVA PAN, and for CLIPBAND we didn’t make any compromise. CLIPBAND is produced on a modern, performing industrial line, every batch is carefully checked for quality and randomly tested on our clipping machine, respecting the standards of traceability of raw materials and final product.

We offer our clients competitive prices, CLIPBAND on a roll, per kilogram or clipped, a diverse range of colors even for small quantities, solutions for supple packaging and small weights (CB 06 model), solutions for high grams products or more robust packages (CB 07 model).


Gear Reducers and Gearmotors for All Kinds of Activities

Rossi range equals all types of gear reducers or gearmotors existent on the Romanian market and can be used in any field of activity.

The main assortment of gear reducers and gearmotors produced by Rossi are: planetary gears reducers and gearmotors; helical and bevel helical gear reducers and gearmotors; coaxial gear reducers and gearmotors; worm gear reducers and gearmotors; right angle shaft gear reducers

Ensuring the quality and the reliability of the products, practising cost-effective prices, granting one year of warranty, ensuring spare parts in warranty and post-warranty are only a few of the facilities offered by NOVA PAN to its clients, when buying Rossi gear reducers and gearmotors.

NOVA PAN is the sole representative in Romania of the Italian company Rossi SpA, part of Habasit Group.